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Why Intelligentum?

Simply put, we do it better than anybody else out there.  We don't look for standard approaches--we find practical solutions that work!  Our strength is in having an experienced multi-disciplinary team that knows what standard solutions can be applied to a well-known situation, what scientific method needs to be applied to an unusual situation--and the wisdom to know the difference.  

Our company is comprised of incredibly smart people who want to solve problems--the practical way! Together, our team is finding better ways for organizations to levereage their IT infrastructure, to get a better visibility into their financial future--and to solve other challenges in this difficult financial climate. Our solutions are real, and that makes us a successful long-term partner for our customers.

We offer what firms cannot:

01Software Partnership:  continuous investment to address changing markets.

02Superior Technology: leveraging best-of-breed to enable scalability, controls and long-term sustainability.

03Greatest Breadth and Depth of Functional Capabilities: integration of accounting and modeling to produce a holistic portfolio view.

04Thought Leadership: the ability to combine innovative software with world-class subject matter expertise.