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Welcome to Intelligentum

With over 100 years of experience between them, the founders of Intelligentum pride themselves on providing intelligent solutions to tough business, scientific and technological problems. We don't approach any situation as standard and we don't try to resolve problems by brute force. Rather, we use our expertise in finance, information technologies, physics and mathematics to recognize patterns, develop algorithms and automate processes. We employ people with degrees ranging from PhD in Physics to PhD in Computer Science to MBA who pride themselves on providing outstanding services to our clients.



Simply put, we do it better than anybody else out there. We don't look for standard approaches--we find practical solutions that work! Our strength is in having an experienced multi-disciplinary team that knows what standard solutions can be applied to a well-known situation, what scientific method needs to be applied to an unusual situation--and the wisdom to know the difference.

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We concentrate on providing 3 main types of service: custom software design, business and finance modeling, competitive analysis and custom analytics and IT consulting and placement/recruiting services. However, the very nature of our company doesn't allow us to pigeonhole ourselves into these three areas – in fact, we are seeking to be your one-stop solution to many of your business issues.

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We are always interested in qualified candidates with the following expertise: PHP, C++, Project Management (Certified PMP), Applied Mathematics, Financial Modeling. We are striving to build a team of talented professionals.

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