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Our Philosophy

How many times have you heard “Oh, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist”?  We have heard it often, and we have heard it loud and clear.  Indeed, a lot of problems don’t require rocket scientists—but it sure helps to have intelligent people.  And, in some cases, the actual scientists!  We are not all rocket scientists—but we use science and common sense (it’s good to have those two together) to solve the toughest problems.  We have groups of very smart people working on clients’ problems—and should there be a need for an actual rocket scientist, we do have one on staff!

Our main areas of expertise are custom software development, business and finance modeling and analytics, IT consulting and placement/recruiting services. However, we are Intelligentum for a reason—we do not  pigeonhole ourselves into just these three areas--in fact, we pride ourselves on looking at every problem from many angles and we are seeking to be your one-stop solution to many of your business issues.

Custom Software Development

Intelligentum designs and develops business critical software applications for various platforms to help its partners to sail smooth through challenging and constantly-evolving technological environment. Our applications tone-down IT complexity, facilitate seamless work flow and synchronize business operations, making them easy to manage and monitor.

We develop web, desktop, server and mobile applications. Our applications are products of in-depth analysis and intelligent understanding of client's requirements—and our team is very experienced in walking clients through the requirements-gathering stage.  Our applications are configured exactly to suit client's IT needs and they  help enterprises to manage their data in the most robust and effective way. With exclusive business-enhancing features, our applications come with cross-platform compatibility (i.e., Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) and can be easily integrated into other business processes.

Business and Finance Modeling and Analytics

Intelligentum understands business—and with many years of experience in finance and financial analytics, our team understands the value of accurate, flexible and scalable models.  We can help you value your business, run what-if scenarios and plan for the future.  What’s more, we can suggest surprisingly easy ways to automate your current financial reporting and allow you to spend more time on analyzing your data as opposed to reconciling them.  We develop long-range models that allow you to see the future—and we can do it as simply as creating an Excel model--or do a full-blown and sophisticated one in Oracle’s Crystal Ball.  It’s your choice—and Intelligentum is here to simplify your life!

IT Consulting and Placement Services

Whether it’s a temporary assignment for while your key IT person is on vacation—or a long-term project that requires highly specialized skills, Intelligentum can help.  We have a very deep pool of local IT talent—and most of them are available on very short notice.  Give us a call or send us an email to discuss your needs—and consider your IT problems taken care of!